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Childs Play recognises the need for its website to be accessible to all.
To this end we have implemented a number of features to make
this website easy to use, especially for users with disabilities.

This website aims to conform to Level A standard of the W3C’s Web
Accessibility Initiative’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
It also includes many features found in AA sites such as colour
considerations and easily resizable fonts.

Accessibility features on this website
The following features improve navigation for text only browsers,
screen reader users, and users of keyboard navigation.

Style sheets
This site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for visual layout.
If your browser supports it, style sheets can be disabled or over-written
to customise the appearance of the website, to your preference.

Font sizes
Font sizes can be overridden by individual browser controls.
Full instructions on how to do this will be available on the homepage
of which ever browser you are using.

Text Only
We have created a text only version of the site for use in low bandwidth
environments or in areas with restricted internet access.

Labels are used to assist access to form fields. All forms follow a logical
tab sequence.

Tables are not used for general site layout, only to display tabular data
within the page structure.

The site has been designed to be easy to read through its use of colour
combinations. We have also created a high contrast version of the text
only site.

We use JavaScript on the site to improve usability. However all pages
and processes are still accessible and usable if JavaScript is unavailable
or disabled.

This website is built to XHTML 1.0 and CSS 1.0 / 2.0 standards.

This website will function and look as intended in browsers
that support these standards.

This includes the following Browsers:

Internet Explorer v6+

Firefox v1.5+

Safari v2+

Other browsers are supported. Please refer to the documentation
on your chosen browsers homepage for additional information.
Should you not have one of these browsers installed or are unable
to upgrade, you may find the website easier to use by disabling CSS
completely - please see your browsers help documentation for further
information on this.

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CHOICES on 2022 Klaus Flugge Shortlist!

CHOICES has been shortlisted for the 2022 Klaus Flugge Prize!


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